Sinkhole Repair Services in Miami Beach

Sinkhole Repair Services in Miami Beach

Several reasons make Miami Beach Foundation Repair the best choice. You are number one! Since our beginnings in the customer service industry, we have remained true to our core value of success. The answer is simple. We’ve always put the interests of our customers first. We provide a variety of services at competitive prices while taking care of our customers’ needs. Having been providing sinkhole foundation repair services in the Miami Beach area for many years, our company is local. The materials, labor, and operations costs associated with your home repair project are all competitively priced.

The sinkhole phenomenon is very common in Miami Beach, as well as all other states in the United States where erosion of the ground or soil occurs. Where the easily soluble ground is present, this type of contamination occurs. Where limestone or other soluble material is near the surface, sinkholes will usually occur. If any structures in Miami Beach get hit by sinkholes, Miami Beach Foundation Repair can provide sinkhole repair. We have long-lasting, quick, and affordable solutions that can be put to use both in residential and commercial settings. Once the work is complete, your residential or commercial property can be immediately used again.

How We Can Help!

Our foundation repair contractor business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured in Miami Beach, Florida. There are many services that we offer, including:

  • Sinkhole Inspection
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Sinkhole Remediation
  • And More Sinkhole Repair Services!

We can offer you a free quote for any repair service that we provide, contact us today.

Sinkhole Inspection

Sinkholes are examined during a sinkhole inspection to determine if your property has sinkhole activity. In various terrain types, sinkholes are a natural phenomenon. Most storms involve rainwater or groundwater that is slightly acidic, and it gnaws away at rock between the runoff and the ground surface. There is a possibility that the water table has been depleted, causing the anomalies to appear over time. The early signs of sinkholes can often be spotted by an inspector before significant damage occurs.

Compaction Grouting

So the cement mixture stays packed tightly in the soil, it fills the voids and binds. A sealed top limestone layer has to be applied before grout can set. As the casing is removed section by section, the density of the soil increases layer by layer as the grout compounds the soil. The final step is the removal of the casings from the ground, loading them back into the trailer, and taking them away from the reconstructed property.

Sinkhole Remediation

Providing safe, fast, and economical sinkhole remediation solutions is our specialty. We were among the first in the industry to offer a long-term solution for sinkhole rehabilitation in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The stabilization of strata and the repair of sinkholes will result in an environment that will have a long life.

Give us a call today at 786-706-0423 to schedule your free service quote on any sinkhole repair, as well as seawall repair service. You will meet with our contractors to discuss the sinkhole repair options available to you. Let us help you, so call us to find out more about our services today.